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Have a good week guys ! Harlock / Albator by Gerald Parel. 
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Well this is some serious bad-ass art
9 months ago.

You make me feel warm inside… once again

9 months ago.

You are becoming the best part of my day.

And to be honest, I can hardly wait to see you at the end of this week, and next, and next

Its kind of silly, isn’t?

10 months ago.

for edwin 

Happy Halloween
10 months ago.

The goddess let the very first link to die.
She was so ashamed and so sad that she gave up her divine status and made link the eternal bearer of the master sword

10 months ago.
"Hope for the worst and you’ll never be dissapointed"

10 months ago.
And bed/furniture corners U_U
11 months ago. lego ouch my pinky

[original image]

11 months ago.

kekekekekekekeke- meow.

Hahahah this made my day
11 months ago.


Goddamn clowns in my cereal
11 months ago.

“Sabes, tu me recuerdas un poema del que ya no me acuerdo, y una canción que nunca existió, y un lugar al que no creo que haya ido nunca.”

"You know, you remind me of a poem that I forgot, and a song that was never written and I place that I never went to"
This is really sad.
11 months ago. the simpsons


This one made my day
12 months ago.
1 year ago.